In a world full of doubt, we provide great science programming to build your faith in the Biblical record of Creation and earth history.
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Largest library of science programming from a Biblical worldview!

As pressure continues to mount to conform to evolutionary theories, we provide solid scientific evidence from a Biblical worldview so that you will always have answers to support your faith. Let’s seek the truth together!

Learn from the experts

Amazing scientific content from Christian educators and experts in paleontology, physics, biology, geology, and astronomy

Content for your kids, home school, church, or Christian school.

Your kids shouldn't have to compromise. We have great content to set them on a firm foundation in their faith!

A great tool for a Sunday School, Bible study group, or church movie night.

Many titles have study guides for continued education.


Our Emmy Nominated film-maker and homeschool father had you in mind!

Challenged by the lack of Biblically-based science content, Kyle Justice began producing many science shows for kids and adults. Adding content from producer partners gives you access to hundreds of hours of science programming from a Biblical worldview.

What our viewers are saying

Misty Mom
"We are taking a western tour of the National Parks and these videos are an excellent way to prepare us to explore the wonders of God’s creation!"
Anna Sullivan
"Fantastically put together! A great presentation that is well spoken which worked very hard to present a challenging topic to a wide audience.”
The Boumont Family
"Excellent and entertaining Creation-based science for the whole family!"

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Frequent Q&A

Is AwesomeSciTV available worldwide?
Yes…although some countries may block our content or don't have adequate Internet for viewing. All programs are in English, but we continue to expand our closed caption service in other languages. Currently some programs are translated in Romanian, Spanish, and Croatian.
Can I use it for my home school program?
Yes! You can maximize this resource for your kid's science education. It’s a fun way to share the excitement of science from a Biblical worldview to your students. Our content is NOT specifically a curriculum with provided yearly curriculum guides. It should compliment the curriculum your student is learning and help them get excited about science from a Biblical worldview. That being said, we do provide downloadable study guides! to give the students a greater chance of learning the topics discussed in each program.
Can I show this at my church or Christian school?
Yes, you can! You can purchase a license enabling you to show the content to others in a church setting, Bible study, classroom, or youth group. This is a separate process from subscribing. You can find more information at Here.
What kind of science do you teach?
At its core, science is about learning the Truth. We believe that God and His Word are Truth. Therefore we hold to a literal interpretation of the Bible, that God made the heavens and earth by the power of His Word in six literal days. We believe a vast majority of science discoveries lean to support this worldview. That makes us passionate about sharing science from a Biblical worldview worldwide. We are in alignment with many other creation-based organizations like Answers in Genesis, Creation Science Institute, and Creation Ministries International.
What programming is included?
Our Premium Package includes full programs produced by Awesome Science Media and many short videos on science. The subscription also includes videos like outtake reels, behind the scenes videos, and extra interviews. You can also view programming from other science producers such as Moody Institute of Science and Mission Imperative. We are constantly adding new programming from third-party organizations and producing new content of our own!
Can I buy a subscription for others?
Yes, you can! We often hear of grandparents who want to buy a yearly subscription for their grandkids. You can do this by buying them a Gift Card. Once the Gift Card is bought, you can send it to the desired family and they will redeem it.
Why is our programming important?
Those who believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and true from cover to cover need to be strengthened in their faith. There is an incredible amount of evidence for God creating the universe vs it evolving by chance. Yet it seems the loudest voices would have you believe science supports evolution and the Bible is a fairy tale. Our programming exposes the false beliefs of naturalism and explores the weight of evidence for a Creator as described in the Bible. Our programming is especially valuable for teaching children, helping them to be grounded in their faith.
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