A weekly national radio program exploring God's creation!

Introducing AwesomeSciRadio!  This is a new weekend half-hour program featuring radio documentaries for the whole family distributed by Amb-OS.  Each episode is designed to build up their faith in God’s word by studying science from a Biblical worldview.  AwesomeSciRadio (ASR) is co-produced by Pat Roy, creator of science programs such as Science, Scripture, and Salvation and Jonathan Park Audio Adventures.

ASR programs will travel to some of the most exciting sites to showcase God’s creation. Sometimes we’ll join scientists out in the field, or explore a desert for incredible reptiles, or hear from astronomers and physicists about the mysteries of space, or go to a volcano with a creation geologist, or investigate the Ice Age with a meteorologist, or listen-in to some teen-agers as they debunk the evolutionary worldview in their textbooks, and so much more! Each episode is 25:00. Our announcer is Chris O’Bryon, a well-known radio personality for science/Bible programming.  Featured experts include Ken Ham, Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. Russ Humphreys, Dr. Art Chadwick, Dr. Jason Lisle, Michael Oard, Dr. John Morris, Dr. Brian Thomas, and Dr. Steve Austin.

The full video programs from AwesomeSciRadio are hosted on our SVOD platform at AwesomeSciTV.com.  ASR offers an Affiliate Program. Your radio station can have a custom link to make a commission on any sales or subscription fees when your station promotes it.  All programs are also available on DVD.  Stations can use these DVDs to sell retail in their online store, or use as premiums for fundraising.

Start airing this entertaining radio program on your station!  Your audience will love it, and be encouraged by what they hear.

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LISTEN - Sample Episode "Digging for Dinosaur Soft Tissue"

Please call us if you have any questions @ (360) 433-0767

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