Study Guides

AwesomeSciTV has begun producing PDF Study Guides (and Discussion Guides coming soon) for each program.  You can find the Guides in the "Resources" tab of each title or set, then download the PDF file and print it.  For the Study Guides, be sure to pull out the answer key at the end so your student does not see the answers.  Once they have completed the Study Guide you can grade their answers.

Study Guides now exist for these titles (hover over and select your title):

Awesome Science episodes 1-6

‍"Explore the Grand Canyon"
"Explore Yellowstone"

"Explore Petrified Forest National Park / Meteor Crater"

"Explore Zion / Yosemite"

"Explore Mount St. Helens"

"Explore John Day Fossil Beds"

Dino Hunters episodes 1-3

"Discovering Dinosaur Soft Tissue"
"Digging for Dinosaur Soft Tissue"

"High Tech Dinosaur Digging"

The Heavens Declare episodes 1-6

"The Origins of the Universe"
"Challenges to the Big Bang"

"The Starlight Travel Dilemma"

"Our Amazing Sun"

"Our Incredible Moon"

"Our Wonderful Moon"

Flood Geology Series

Mount St. Helens
Debunking Evolution Set

As new Guides are released, we will send out emails and texts to alert subscribers