AwesomeSciTV is a division of Awesome Science Media, a world leader in producing science-focused media with a Biblical worldview.  Started by Emmy award nominee, Kyle Justice in 2010, Awesome Science Media (ASM) has produced over 80 kids shows and documentaries.  ASM continues to produce additional content on DVD as well as distributing broadcast television and on various TVOD and SVOD platforms.  AwesomeSciTV is the the exclusive platform for all content produced by ASM, and the first place new content by ASM is released.    

Our programming is used by science enthusiasts, home school curriculum, church adult and children's Sunday school programs, and by private Christian schools and universities.  Our printable study worksheets and teacher guides, as well as small group discussion guides help students of all ages learn about the worldview and evidence to validate their faith in God's Word.

Kyle Justice often involves his family of eight kids in the productions.  The Justice family is adventurous and
dedicated to serving God in the area of media ministry, with a focus on science and the Bible. Kyle and his family currently live on the east coast in the United States, but look forward to more adventures of how God will use them around the world.

Kyle will sometimes appear in front of the camera, such as being the primary host of The Heavens Declare series.  He also co-hosts The Creation Guys series, taking viewers on field trips throughout the world to discover the wonders of God's Creation.

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